To register yourself for maternity care at “Kraamzorg Het Zonnetje” you can simply fill in the application form below (Contact us for availability during the summer holidays).

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Maternity care is standard in your basic insurance. However, there is a legally required personal contribution that is not insured in the basic insurance, but often in supplementary insurance. This personal contribution for 2023 is 4,40 euros per hour.

If you have additional insurance, the personal contribution is usually reimbursed by your insurer and you therefore do not have to pay anything to maternity care. Consult your own insurance policy for this. On the sites of and are the reimbursement overviews of maternity care per insurer.

An additional insurance policy may provide coverage for, among other things:

  • extra maternity care hours on top of the Landelijk Indicatie Protocol (= L.I.P.).
  • delayed or delayed maternity care (normally up to 3 months after delivery)
  • extended maternity care (after 10 days after delivery with a maximum number of hours).
  • lactation care
  • outpatient delivery (without a medical indication still gave birth in hospital)

The rates for maternity care are determined nationally by the Dutch Healthcare Authority (= NZA).

At Kraamzorg Het Zonnetje you can also choose to purchase additional maternity care for your own account. For information about this you can contact us.

Up to 7 days after the date of the care agreement you have the right to cancel your registration. After this period, cancellation fees will be charged upon cancellation (unless this is for proven medical reasons or proven removal).

(At the bottom of this page you can download an English translation of our terms and conditions)

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