Collaboration (english)


Kraamzorg Het Zonnetje works closely together with various partners. Our collaborations can give you the benefit and convenience you need without having to search for it.

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The midwife will monitor you during the pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum.  She is a health professional and coach to healthy pregnant women, who you can go to with all your questions. At your appointments with the midwife, she will monitor the development of your baby and perform one or more ultrasounds to determine the duration of your pregnancy. 
We have good contacts with many midwives, but with the midwifery practice Tuya, we have an extra close partnership. Tuya has been based in The Hague for more than 23 years (location at Kranenburgweg 86 in the Statenkwartier and Scheveningen). We regularly consult with them and are well in sync with their policies. This makes our services unique. Quality and service come first, so you can fully enjoy your maternity period.
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Midwifery practice Tuya

Kranenburgweg 86

2581 XS  Den Haag

Tel: 070-3193268

In the district Rustenburg/ Oostbroek in Den Haag we work together with Tria verloskundigen.

Website Tria

Apeldoornselaan 115

2573 LE  Den Haag

Tel: 06-44122998

Doula and childbirth educator

Meida van Baal, a doula, is the owner of Mitera & Co. A doula is someone who intensively works(in a non-medical way) with expectant parents or mothers by informing, supporting and guiding them emotionally and physically from pregnancy and up to the weeks after the birth.
Since Meida has a lot of experience (once a former Obstetric & Gynecology nurse), she is best fit to inform and guide prospective parents/mothers. Are you expecting your first child or have you had an unpleasant/traumatic experience? Then contact Meida at Mitera and Co. Since Meida works as a maternity nurse for Kraamzorg Het Zonnetje, she can offer a fully integrated one-on-one care.
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Lactation expert

Alexandra Knijnenburg of Breastfeeding Center Vitanova is one of the first lactation specialists in the Netherlands and is officially registered with the IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) since 1993. She also stood at the forefront of the Dutch Professional Association of Lactation Consultants (NVL). Customers of Kraamzorg Het Zonnetje can attend breastfeeding courses at the Breastfeeding Center Vitanova. Alexandra can be reached during the maternity period for questions or problems with breastfeeding. Any telephone advice is free of charge. Any home visits will be invoiced, but the cost can be reimbursed by your health insurer.
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At Bailine, they work on the recovery of your body (recovery energy, reduction of pain and fat) by activating the muscles with electronic muscle stimulation, nutritional advice, and mental support.
After your birth, both your back and abdominal muscles are stretched, your fat percentage is increased, your energy level is reduced. Sometimes you may have lower back pain. Usually, after consulting with your midwife or doctor you can start exercising again after 6 to 8 weeks! That is the moment you can go to Bailine. They provide training by means of electrostimulation (in a relaxed in a private room) and give you nutritional advice for a healthy eating pattern. It takes only half an hour to complete, but then you have done a full-workout which is comparable to 2 hours in the gym.
For a free trial treatment, you can visit them at one of their offices in The Hague or Rijswijk.
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Website Bailine

Kerklaan 17a


Tel 070-415 72 12.

Frederikstraat 943

Den Haag

Tel 070-361 77 18


As a woman today it is not always easy to find balance in your life. You are often tired and do not feel good about yourself, or you have doubts about motherhood, your relationship or your career.
Anika van Steenbergen coaches women to help find balance, satisfaction, and self-confidence.
A coaching program always starts with a free introductory meeting. The vision of Anika is that she works with someone’s strength and unleashes things. Together with the client, she looks for her unique qualities. Often something has been set in motion after just one session. The desired change is usually achieved after four to six conversations!
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 Website Anika


Nieuwe Parklaan 17

2597 LA  Den Haag

Tel: 06-17506376

Photography baby and child

Love & Joy Photography specializes in pregnant women and babies.
  • A photoshoot of your beautiful pregnant belly.
  • A newborn photo shoot with your newborn child.
  • A baby session (from 4 months).
  • A “smash the cake” photoshoot when your child turns 1 year.
Jennifer Baretta from Love & Joy has a beautiful photo studio with various facilities.
A free introductory meeting in the studio is possible and clients of Kraamzorg Het Zonnetje receive a 10% discount on a photoshoot (either newborn, pregnant or new mum).


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Website Love and Joy

Weteringdreef 61

2724 GT Zoetermeer

Tel: 06-53432177

Pregnancy yoga

During pregnancy, you are often extra aware of your body and feelings. In particular, your body changes due to hormones. Furthermore, a growing baby in your stomach has a big impact. Yoga classes can help you to find a new balance in which you can intensely experience during your pregnancy.
Yoga lessons from Angel’s Baby, given by Assal, are held at the famous Westvliet gym. For customers of Kraamzorg Het Zonnetje a trial lesson is free, 5 lessons for 55 euros, 10 lessons for 100 euros.
The times of the lessons are Wednesday (7:00 pm to 8:15 pm for pregnancy yoga), Friday (9 am to 10 am for pregnancy yoga), and Wednesday (9:15 am to 10:15 am for mummy yoga).
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Website Angel’s baby

Westvlietweg 55

Den Haag



The Dutch brand HUMM Baby makes handmade baby bed linen, which has a very convenient layout system for sheets, namely the snuggle-up. Their sheets and blankets are 100% organic, high-quality, cotton. This makes the fabrics very soft and lasts a long time. The hip prints are also mouth-watering. With the “snuggle-up” you can make your baby’s bed quick and tight. You slide the bottom of the mattress into a pocket system of the sheet so that the sheet will no longer come loose or be kicked loose. Tucking your baby in bed is so much easier and faster. In addition to sheets and blankets, they also make beautiful hats, cuddly cloths and fitted sheets.
HUMM Baby has a special discount for customers of Kraamzorg Het Zonnetje. With the discount code ZONNETJE, you receive a 10% discount on the new HUMM Baby collection.


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